"There are many roads to good health, but if I had to choose the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy, active, pain-free life, it would have to be good chiropractic care.  For over fifteen years, I have been a patient of Dr. David Swensen of Melrose Family Chiropractic, and I cannot imagine my life without his vital professional care."
          "As a patient, I am surely a challenge.  I had polio as a child, ACL surgery as an adult, and I was recently diagnosed with TMJ dysfunction.  Yet, no matter what the ailment, Dr. Swensen has the chiropractic cure.  As he goes to work realigning my spine, relaxing my tightened joints, untying my knotted muscles, and easing my pain, I begin to feel like a new person.  I may enter Dr. Swensen's office as a broken patient, but I always leave feeling better, stronger, and more balanced."
          "When my very active teenage daughter, Kate, complained of severe back pain, I knew exactly where to take her.  After her initial chiropractic visit, Kate felt so much better that she asked Dr. Swensen if there was magic in his hands. If magic involves a genuine concern for his patients, the knowledge to relieve suffering without drugs, and the ability to diagnose and heal through experienced fingertips, then Dr. Swensen certainly does have magic in his hands."
          "Thank goodness for Dr. Swensen. He not only treats sore necks, tight muscles, and aching backs of everyday stress, he also eases acute pain from injuries and accidents.  For me, my daughter, Kate, and anyone who wants to feel brand new, Dr. Swensen's chiropractic care is the answer to a healthier and happier life!" - Sharon

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