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Graston Technique
Drs. O’Dwyer and Swensen have been utilizing the Graston Technique® in the treatment of their patients since 2002. This remarkable procedure allows them to detect and treat areas of “scar tissue” or adhesions in muscles, tendons and ligaments that can lead to pain and dysfunction.

In the healing process our body attempts to repair muscles, tendons and ligaments with “scar tissue”, much like the scar that forms on the skin when you have scraped or banged your knee. Injury to the tissue may occur through macrotrauma, such as a fall, or an impact injury in an auto accident or sports injury, or microtrauma from repetitive use or postural stress. As you can imagine, that scar tissue is not as strong and flexible as normal, healthy, undamaged tissue. Over time we can have a build up of this fibrous scar tissue, particularly in the muscles, tendons and ligaments that get a lot of use. This can lead to pain and dysfunction because this replacement tissue lacks the strength and flexibility of healthy tissue. In some cases, the adhesions may entrap a nerve, causing symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling or even weakness.

The Graston Technique® allows better detection and treatment of these areas because it uses a stainless steel instrument that glides along a patient’s muscle, tendons or ligaments and acts like a “scar tissue” stethoscope. When knots or bands of scar tissue are encountered, both the doctor and the patient sense a restriction or a granular feeling. The instrument can then be used to “break up” this restriction or adhesion. Stretching exercises are then used to promote re-alignment of the fibers so that they behave more like normal, healthy tissue.  In some cases, temporary bruising may occur because when the adhesions are released.

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